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Team Building

DISC Personality– Profile William Marston 


Learn how to understand your behavioral tendencies and how these styles may affect others.  Learn to understand, respect, appreciate, and value individual differences. Develop strategies for working together to increase team productivity. Enhance your effectiveness in accomplishing tasks by improving your relationship with others


Generations– Cam Marston


Learn to appreciate and value the five different generations currently in the workplace.


Facilitated Team Building Activity–

Believe it or not, fun team-building activities for work are critically important to the success of your business. In fact, the personal bonds formed between team members actually give your company a competitive edge. Over time, these activities are intended to improve performance in a team-based environment. Team building is one of the foundations of organizational development that can be applied to groups of any type. Team building activities are powerful tools in:

- Goal Setting 

- Role Clarification

- Problem Solving

- Interpersonal-Relations




This presentation focuses on the lens through which one sees life. There are three objectives to be accomplished through the presentation:

1.  Learn about your vision

2.  Understand, respect, and value those with a different view

3.  See clearly       



If You’re Comfortable You’re Not Growing. Embracing change is difficult for most people.  This presentation will explore looking at change in a different way, even seeing it as a positive or an opportunity. 


Effective communication within an organization is critical to both the success of the business as well as the success of the individuals who are members of the organization. This workshop focuses on emphasizing that everyone is on the same team. 


This workshop will focus on traits that exist in individuals that when developed will allow anyone to answer the question, “me a leader?”, with a resounding yes.


Specialized Facilitation

Dr. Ennis accepts requests from clients to provide very specialized facilitation services on topics important to your organization such as:

- Strategic Planning

- SWOT Analysis

- Business Management

- Student Retention

- Marketing

Dr. Ennis can take an array of topics and build a presentation specific to your workshop.

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